Indoor Farming & LED Grow Lights
Indoor farming is the future of agriculture. With SunPlus LED Grow Lights, it is possible and easy for growers to build and grow with the hydroponic system to supply fresh herbs, lettuce, sunflower sprouts, and leafy greens to local people with no seasonal fluctuations.
Greenhouse & LED Grow Lights
SunPlus released the waterproof IP65-rated top light especially for greenhouse lighting application allowing growers to gain higher yields with the lowest running costs even in the harsh highly humid environments.
Vertical Farming & LED Grow Lights
Why has LED vertical farming become so popular in recent years? In vertical farming, plants will not need sunlight or soil. The green leafy plants will be cultivated on multiple levels using led grow lights and indoor climate control systems. This is one of the greatest achievements in agriculture because it focuses on meeting the food needs of people living in urban areas or at high altitudes where it is cold and lacks natural sunlight all year round. The concept of "growing" allows growers to provide fresh, clean and nutritious vegetables 365 days a year in a limited growing space. This could be a great step in solving the food problem.