Indoor Farming & LED Grow Lights

SunPlus LED Indoor Plant Grow Light Systems

Indoor farming is the future of agriculture. With SunPlus LED Grow Lights, it is possible and easy for growers to build and grow with the hydroponic system to supply fresh herbs, lettuce, sunflower sprouts, and leafy greens to local people with no seasonal fluctuations. 

All of our grow lights are plug-and-grow, and the setup and installation are simple enough for both starter growers and large-scale commercial operators. The SunPlus grow lights with less heat put off will let the growers add more lights with less cost on ventilation and cooling system.

SunPlus LED Indoor Farming Horticulture LED Lighting
SunPlus provides a variety of indoor farming LED lights for many large or small indoor growers, and we have received many feedbacks which have achieved good results. Customer feedbacks are the best affirmation of our indoor farming systems and can help us do more R&D to develop better product designs.

Why LED Grow Light Indoor Farming?
Traditionally, people planted in the presence of natural sunlight and rain, mostly for one or two seasons per year. Nowadays, some plant in their gardens or so. But not everyone has a garden or space to grow naturally, or some people tend to grow crops all year round. With artificial lights that mimic sunlight, growers can grow indoors for four seasons a year.

Advantages of Indoor Farming LED Lights
By using indoor farming LED lights for indoor growing, growers can better control the light needed for plant growth, shorten the growth cycle by adjusting light hours, and control adverse effects such as natural disasters and pests.

Indoor farming LED lights for indoor farming
Unlike ordinary HPS or MH lights, which are mainly red or blue light, LED lights for indoor farming generally have their own design. Sunplus spectrum contains all wavelengths of light from ultraviolet to infrared for better plant growth, mimicking sunlight exactly and helping crops grow healthily.

SunPlus Indoor Horticulture LED Light Systems
SunPlus offers a variety of different voltages to meet the needs of growers in different regions and different models to meet the needs of different crops or different growing cycles. We also offer indoor plant lighting systems, including dimming and monitoring temperature and humidity.