Vertical Farming & LED Grow Lights

LED Vertical Farming is the New Trend of Indoor Farming

Why LED vertical farming become so popular in recent years? In vertical farming, plants will not need sunlight or soil. The leafy greens will be cultivated on multiple floors with the use of led grow lights and the indoor climate control system. It is one of the greatest achievements in agriculture because it focused on meeting the need for food for people living in urban areas or in high-altitude places where it is cold and lacks natural sunlight all year round. The “grow-up” concept makes the growers provide fresh, clean, and nutritious vegetables in the limited growing space 365 days a possible. This could be a great step to solve the food problem.

Container Farm -- A New Way of LED Vertical Farming
The high-tech hydroponic farm, LED lighting system, and climate control computer was built in a shipping container. The plants growing in the multiple layers lighted by LEDs are of high quality and fresh.

Vertical Led Grow Light is a Great Substitute for Sun
Vertical Led Grow Light is a Great Subtitute for SunlightVertical Led Grow Light is a Great Subtitute for Sunlight Vertical Led Grow Light is a Great Subtitute for Sunlight Apart from the air, water, temperature, the led light is also a key factor for growth. Lettuce including Bibb, Oakleaf, Frisee, Crystal, Gem, Batavia, and mini-Romaine can be cultivated on multiple layers with careful control of artificial light, temperature, and water. There are 100 times more efficient than traditional farming.

Vertical Farming Lighting in Rolling Racking System
NFT Rolling racking system can grow salad, herbs, micro-green, strawberries, etc. The flexible growing system applies with the led grow light makes the plants grow anywhere possible.

High-intensity Horti-Tube Led Grow Lights for Vertical Farming
Designed for multiple layers grow and chamber installation. The SunPlus Tube led grow lights are IP 66 waterproof and their lifetime is 50000 hours. With the light intensity up to 2.0 nmol/w and the dimmable function make the light can meet different growing periods for the crops. And with the low heat dissipation, these Sunlus tubes can be placed anywhere between 10cm to 50cm above the canopy, and the grower doesn't need to worry about the surface of the leaf will be damaged by the light.