Greenhouse & LED Grow Lights

SunPlus LED Greenhouse Lighting System

In order to successfully grow any kind of crop in a greenhouse, growers need to take into account many important factors. Lighting, heating, watering, cooling, fertilizing, and many other small details, each of which can have a big impact on the final result. In any case, lighting should be one of the most important issues for good greenhouse growth.

SunPlus LED 
Commercial Greenhouse LED Grow Lights 
Whether it's a personal greenhouse or a commercial greenhouse growing for supplemental lighting needs, SunPlus provides the right LED grow lights for small commercial and commercial greenhouses to meet the growing needs of different growers from North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and several other regions, and we have received a lot of positive feedback from them.

Professional LED Greenhouse Light Supply Factory
Greenhouse cultivation is generally commercial, mainly for vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, medical plants, and so on. Growers design the light transmittance of the greenhouse, planting area, irrigation facilities, supplementary light sources, etc. according to the needs of their market.

Why Is LED Supplemental Greenhouse Lighting Needed
In some sunny areas, such as California, the light requirements for greenhouse cultivation can be fully met by natural light alone in the spring or summer. However, in some areas where there is not enough light and rainy days all year round, or in autumn or winter, greenhouse growers need to supplement light sources to ensure the growth needs of plants and maximize economic benefits.

What Kind of Greenhouse Grow Light Suit?
As a supplemental light source, growing lights do not necessarily require high PPFD, but there are a few points that growers should consider. First, it is possible to make use the most of natural sunlight during the day, so the grow light cannot have a large shadow. Second, it is best to have a full spectrum close to sunlight, so as not to disrupt the growth of crops. Third, it should be dimmable so can be adjusted according to the different weather or seasons.

Custom Spectrum For Different Plants
Sunplus, as a professional plant light manufacturer for more than 15 years, is able to customize different spectra for different plants as well as design different spectra for different growth stages as requested by our customers, we welcome your inquiry.